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Little Orange

Valenti & Co. recently opened in San Anselmo. I loved the place before I even saw the food! Cool shades of purple (my absolute favorite color) decorated the room. I met Chef Duilio Valenti and his daughter Bianca (who turns out to be not only darling and sweet, but is also the only pro female surfer in The Bay Area and a badass :)...see here:

But back to Chef Duilio. He prepared such beautiful food and each dish was better than the last. Out of them all, however, the Arancini alla Milanese was the most fun to photograph. As I learned, the Italian word for orange is arancia. As you can see, these little rice balls, or arancini, do look like little oranges. For one of the photos, Chef Duilio cut open one of the little arancini balls and he drizzled cheese fonduta over it.

Um, YUM!

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