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Johnny Doughnuts

Katy, Kayleigh and Sophie take care of the endless stream of customers at Johnny Doughnuts with style and ease. While photographing those amazing doughnuts, it was a pleasure to overhear them joking with customers, and each other, remembering first names of so many who walked through the door. Since these three are not only adorable, but very fit, I had to know how they pulled that off while spending their days in a shop full of doughnuts. I was reminded that Johnny Doughnuts are about 'as good' for you as a doughnut can be. Many are gluten free, all are peanut free (owner/founder Craig Blum has a serious peanut allergy) using only rice bran oil, all made daily with fresh and local ingredients and unbelievably, all of the raised doughs are made with fresh potato!

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