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Parkside Cafe, Stinson Beach

Stinson Beach is a quick hop over the hill from our home and a short drive from San Francisco. My family and I walk our dog along the beach as often as we can when the weather is warm. And we almost always stop at the Parkside Cafe snack bar on our way home. In addition to the restaurant and snack bar, Maxine Gilbert has opened a small shop filled with local, hand selected products. She calls this space The Room and it can be transormed into a wonderful private dining space. We were in Stinson celebrating my daughter's 14th birthday recently and Maxine invited me to stop in and take a few photos of The Room, after it had been transformed from a retail space to a private dining room.

Maxine's husband and co-owner/chef John prepares a seven course menu for up to twelve people, and many of these items might be cooked right there in the wood-buring oven. It really is a charming space and the view of the ocean through the patio doors is the bonus!

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