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Marin Magazine Tastemakers and The Last Supper-Marin Mag style

So, for Marin Magazine's Third Annual Tastemakers feature, the readers were asked to vote on their favorite breakfast, lunch, bar bite, cocktail, dinner and dessert spots. Then Executive Editor Mimi Towle asked the owners and chefs of these restaurants where they go for their favorite breakfast, lunch, bar bite, cocktail, dinner or dessert. I was asked to visit these chefs and owners and photograph their most popular-whatever-and these photos were featured in this month's Marin Magazine.

Somehow Mimi was able to wrangle sixteen of Marin County's most popular chefs/owners into one room for a few hours in order for photographer Lori Eanes to create the opening photo- Marin Magazine's take on The Last Supper. This meant Mimi had to dismantle her very own home to accommodate the shoot, but you can see by her bossy body language :) that she had a mission in mind and wasn't going to let anything stop her from her vision. I couldn't help taking a few behind-the-scenes shots.

Here's a little taste of the chaos...


Here's the final photo:

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